Do I Need ESTA to Visit the US? | #OneMinuteNomad

What is ESTA and do you need to apply for it if you are visiting the US?

It is a special electronic system for travel authorization and it depends on your citizenship whether you need it or not, but also on some other criteria, such as criminal conviction and US visa denial.

Therefore, be prepared and apply for your ESTA in advance.


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    1. Thank you for the great knowledge. Been following you for the last couple of years, read your book and quite a few of your blog. Made a positive impact on my life. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Great vid. Just letting you know that the short vid clips are very good. Easy to listen to because we can all make time for a few minutes.

  3. Great video!
    I have active ESTA. Can I possibly visit US for let’s say 80 days (out of 90 limit), travel overseas and come back for another 80? Is it possible to do this over and over again until my ESTA expires? Just curious.. Thanks!!

    1. Technically it is possible but you would have to show strong ties to the country of your residence which may be difficult if you spend most of the year in the US. ESTA is not meant for living in the US – just for visits. So in your case it is practically very unlikely they will let you do that. If you intend to live in the US you should apply for a different type of visa.

    2. George W Thanks George! Do you know how many days should I stay outside US so they can allow me back?

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